🤩 Hall of Fame 🥳

2021 was a special year for Master Recycler because we turned to YOU, our community, to help make the program happen.
This page is dedicated to all those that contributed to our
Wayblaze crowdfunding campaign and via direct donation.

You helped us raise $7615 to continue delivering Master Recycler programming in two cities!

You also inspired us to pick up over 9000 cigarette butts! Below is some media from the cigarette butt picking action.


Sponsors - THANK YOU

Betsy Robertson

Oliver Berger
Chris Nichols
Kimberly Wiefling

Donors - THANK YOU

Special Mention ($100+)
Ellie Robinson
Josh Hensman
Helena Lang
Carolyn Morgan Chan
Louise Schwartz
Agustian Hermanto
Linh Truong
Malka Rotman
Michelle Chang
Lacey Reid
Jeff Wint
Sydney Portner
Carol Cohen
Catherine Ostler
Jinhi Ahn
Joy Cozens
Meah Amies
Nick Hastie
Stephanie Chuo-Lee

Abner Tsai
Adélaïde Terrien
Anisa Maruschak
Audrey Crespy
Barbara Barak
Chris Arkell
Dana Cleaveley
Dave Ives
David Bailie
Derek Doherty
Dora Stroud
E Pow
Ehud Lebel
Emily McGill
Henry Mwandemere
Ivana Zelenika
Jacquelyn Rolston
Jacques Martiquet
Jennifer Henry
Kaede Mizukoshi
Katya Potapova

Kyrstin Munson
Lori Crump
Lusungu Kayani
Lydia Beitelman
Maddie Hague
Manon Balard
Maria Gutierrez
Melanie Knight
Natalia Bolanos
Oliver Lane
Peter & Marti Munk
Priscilla L
Rachel Schoeler
Ralph Van de Berg
Sean Smillie
Sepia Sharma
Stavroula Theophanous
Tammy Delaney
Teresa Yiu
Van Nguyen
Vicky Baker
Yiman Jiang